The Wellness Warrior.

I’ve been nicknamed the Wellness Warrior.  I like this name because 30 years ago while living a life of wellness through holistic nutrition, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, I was called a “freak”.  Thankfully, times have changed and Wellness has become sexy. But I wasn’t always into wellness.  As a teen, I had horrible eating habits – Swiss Miss pudding and a Coke was my breakfast, I never ate anything green or leafy and my go to food was anything from a bag or a box.  All that changed when I turned 20 and realized I’ve had digestive issues including an ulcer.  

Getting an endoscopy at 20 was a wake up call for me and I knew I need to change my eating habits.  So I picked up a book called “Fit For Life’ and changed all of my lifestyle habits – yes, I was a Vegan in the 80’s!  A few years later, I received a diagnosis of infertility which sent me into the rabbit’s hole. Being a Type A+, all I did for my depression was exercise longer and harder and ended up with Adrenal Fatigue.  Begrudgingly and with lots of eye rolls, I walked into a yoga and meditation class. And that was it.  

I was hooked. This is where my journey into wellness began and as the years went by, I got certified in Yoga & Meditation and after five long years received a Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition.  It wasn’t a easy but nothing worthwhile ever is. I chose to turn my experiences into opportunities for self-growth and that lead into my passion to help others.  Click on the link to read more about Miriam.