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The Wellness Warrior  

I’ve been nicknamed the Wellness Warrior.  I like this name because 30 years ago while living a life of wellness through holistic nutrition, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, I was called a “freak”.  Thankfully, times have changed and Wellness has become sexy. But I wasn’t always into wellness.  As a teen, I had horrible eating habits – Swiss Miss pudding and a Coke was my breakfast, I never ate anything green or leafy and my go to food was anything from a bag or a box.  All that changed when I turned 20 and realized I’ve had digestive issues including an ulcer.  

Getting an endoscopy at 20 was a wake up call for me and I knew I need to change my eating habits.  So I picked up a book called “Fit For Life’ and changed all of my lifestyle habits – yes, I was a Vegan in the 80’s!  A few years later, I received a diagnosis of infertility which sent me into the rabbit’s hole. Being a Type A+, all I did for my depression was exercise longer and harder and ended up with Adrenal Fatigue.  Begrudgingly and with lots of eye rolls, I walked into a yoga and meditation class. And that was it.  

I was hooked. This is where my journey into wellness began and as the years went by, I got certified in Yoga & Meditation and after five long years received a Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition.  It wasn’t a easy but nothing worthwhile ever is. I chose to turn my experiences into opportunities for self-growth and that lead into my passion to help others.  Click on the link to read more about Miriam.       http://voyagemia.com/interview/meet-miriam-amselem-naturally-healthy-miri-hollywoodfor-lauderdale/

Stress – who doesn’t have it?  

Even children suffer from stress.  I think we are society that is obsessed with stress and some people think that being stressful is a sign of success. And then when they develop high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues and other diseases, they wonder why.  Stress is part of life – I get it.  But what can we do to lower it?  How do we manage it so we don’t develop health issues?  

Hundreds of books and articles have been written on this subject and there are several tools to manage and reduce stress.  My opinion is that adults have the freedom to choose their path to reduce stress but as a society we have to start with children and teens. One of my favorite things to do is to teach yoga and meditation to children and teens.  They love it and the benefits are endless.

 Click on the link to read and Miriam’s interview about reducing stress.   https://www.miamiherald.com/living/health-fitness/article164666057.html

The hottest word in 2019 is Mindfulness!

The hottest word in 2019 is Mindfulness!  The Eastern world figured this out thousands of years ago but its just becoming trendy in the Western hemisphere.  Everyone is talking about it and want to learn how to do it.  Many people think mindfulness is just meditation.

 Not really.  Think of mindfulness as an umbrella with eight prongs and one of those prongs is meditation. There are more ways to practice mindfulness which basically means being in the present moment. The benefits impact our daily lives by alleviating stress, reducing anxiety and boosting memory.  

There are studies showing that mindfulness increases productivity and of course, a general sense of well-being. Want to know how to develop new habits and implement Mindfulness into your daily routine?  Just click here to read Miriam’s remarks.  https://www.organicauthority.com/energetic-health/5-ways-to-practice-mindfulness-everyday